THOMAS perfect air: Bagless vacuuming fun for 100% fresh air

  • New bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Incomparable AQUA-PURE filter box captures house dust, pollen, allergens and odour particles in water
  • For cleanliness and fresh air throughout the house

Neunkirchen, September 2014 – Whether for animal lovers, allergy sufferers, or consumers who are particularly hygieneoriented – the two new bagless THOMAS floor cleaners with their unique water technology open up a new segment in the vacuum cleaner market. Developed by engineers in Neunkirchen in the Siegerland region of Germany, the perfect air allergy pure and the perfect air animal pure, with their intense suction power and easy cleaning properties, lend an extra feeling of freshness to any household. Equipped with the unique and innovative AQUA-PURE filter box, these two amazing „Made in Germany” vacuum cleaners capture 100% of all particles – house dust, pollen, animal hair or allergens – in water. They thus ensure absolute cleanliness and fresh air in your own four walls. THOMAS will be presenting these two brand new products of the perfect air line for the first time between September 5 and 10, 2014, at the industry’s leading trade fair, the IFA in Berlin (Hall 4.1, Stand 202).

Bagless vacuum cleaners are in demand. Their market share in Germany has
grown steadily and by now accounts for more than one-third of the total. However,
some consumers are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the level of hygiene
and practicality of the conventional bagless vacuum cleaners. It is often difficult to
empty the dust container, for example, because dust that has already been collected
escapes into the air again. Another disadvantage is that the suction power diminishes
successively as the container fills up. But the trendy, bagless THOMAS perfect air
allergy pure vacuum cleaner in fashionable turquoise-white and the perfect air animal
pure in sunny yellow-white, with their unique vacuuming technology, now provide
perfect cleanliness and happy faces at home.

AQUA-PURE technology – a burst of freshness for every household
Benefit from bagless vacuum cleaning plus the unique water technology: Both the
THOMAS perfect air allergy pure and the perfect air animal pure fight animal hair,
mites, allergens, pollen and house dust. So they are perfect for anyone who suffers
from allergies, has pets or simply likes things to be clean. The innovative vacuum
cleaner’s AQUA-PURE filter box removes the individual particles and captures 100 %
of them in the water. The units are also equipped with a special hygiene filter with a
fleece pollen filter (allergy pure) or an active carbon filter (animal pure). The special
feature is that all of the filters can be easily cleaned, and the bagless speedster is ready
to go again in no time flat.

Easy, simple vacuum cleaning
The two THOMAS perfect air models (weight: 7.5 kg, dimensions: 467 mm x 318
mm x 294 mm) excel with their extremely user-friendly operation. The suction power
of the dynamic allergy pure can be simply and individually adjusted using the remote
control in the handle – with no bothersome bending. You are guaranteed a high
suction level at all times, no matter what you are cleaning. The animal pure has an
electronic suction power control on the unit and is also equipped with a cross-bumper
to protect the furniture. With their extra-long stainless steel telescopic tube and a 360°
easy-drive castor wheel, both models provide great vacuum cleaning flexibility and
maneuverability. In addition, the 8 meter cable, with its automatic cable rewinding
mechanism and an action radius of 11 meters, ensures almost limitless freedom in
house cleaning. Thanks to the double parking position, this vacuuming wonder can
also be stored lying down or standing up in any closet.

Practical nozzles for easy cleaning
The numerous accessories supplied with both products make bagless vacuum cleaning
perfect. Included with the THOMAS perfect air allergy pure are a furniture brush with a
swivel joint, a mattress nozzle, and a crevice nozzle (220 mm), which make it possible
to thoroughly vacuum clean each corner and every surface in the home. But the
THOMAS perfect air animal pure also comes with numerous attachments, such as a
turbo nozzle, an extra-long crevice nozzle (360 mm), and an extra-wide animal hair
upholstery nozzle (190 mm), which make it quick and easy for animal lovers to clean
upholstery, corners and edges. A special something for both models: The practical
carpet nozzle removes even the tiniest animal hair or allergen from every fiber. Thanks
to the foot-operated switch, it is easy to remove the nozzle while you are standing, too,
so that you can change it without bending down.
The new perfect air models – “Made in Germany” – will be available in the fall, starting
at 229.00 euros (RRP). Information about the company or about other THOMAS
products is available on the website of

THOMAS is a brand of the renowned German family enterprise Robert Thomas, Metall und
Elektrowerke GmbH & Co., based in Neunkirchen in the Siegerland region of North Rhine-Westphalia,
Germany. In keeping with its determination to “Do our best for our customers,” Robert Thomas has
been developing and manufacturing innovative „Made in Germany“ products for more than 100
years. The production of the first electric motor-driven metal washing machine in Europe at the end
of the 1940s was considered a major milestone in the history of the company. Today allergy-friendly
vacuum and carpet cleaners with and without spray extraction, as well as spin dryers, demonstrate
the pioneering spirit of the company, which is now owner-managed in the fourth generation. The
Neunkirchen site manufactures equipment that meets the highest standards of quality, durability
and serviceability. THOMAS products are available throughout Germany in large and small electric
appliance specialty stores and on the Internet and are sold in more than 30 countries all over the
world. Further information is available on the Internet at

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