IFA 2019: THOMAS showcases product highlights and a world first

Neunkirchen, September 2019 – A world first and technologies that excite – THOMAS is demonstrating quality and innovative prowess “made in Germany” at IFA in Berlin (Hall 4.1, Stand 210). From the new all-in-one all-rounder and powerful cyclone vacuum cleaners with AQUA technology to versatile battery-powered vacuum cleaners and an electronic battery-powered hard floor cleaner – at its stand from September 6th to 11th, 2019, the floor care specialist from Siegerland will be demonstrating the products for pet owners and those who want to keep an immaculate home clean. With innovations like the unique easyBox with a dual-chamber system for powerful cyclone suctioning and the sophisticated AQUA water filter system, not only are THOMAS vacuum cleaners declaring war on dirt and dust, they are also setting their sights on fresher air – like the effect of cleansing summer rain. Those of you wanting to see the new THOMAS innovations can find out more in the exciting and informative presentation by our presenter and reporter Melanie Siefert. The shows will take place between 11am and 5pm at the THOMAS stand during IFA.

The multi-talented THOMAS DryBOX Amfibia – a world first
The renowned specialist for dust and washing vacuum cleaners with a water filter already has a whole century of experience behind it and still packs no end of innovation into its world first. The new flagship in the range – “DryBOX Amfibia” – represents technology “made in Germany” and combines the high THOMAS standards of quality, engineering prowess and design in a single appliance. The “DryBOX Amfibia” combines top THOMAS developments like the award-winning cyclone technology and the patented AQUA+ technology, allowing users to rid their homes of coarse dirt, fine dust, allergens and even unpleasant odours. Combined with the practical spray/wipe/suction function, the all-in-one vacuum cleaner is a truly multi-talented appliance that will keep homes clean on five levels: Whether it is dry vacuuming, hard floor cleaning, wet vacuuming, carpet stain removal or air freshening – with the THOMAS DryBOX Amfibia, all this can be accomplished with a single premium appliance.

THOMAS AQUA+ Pet & Family – the animal lover vacuum cleaner that excites
Whether it is animal hair, paw prints or the smell of wet fur – it is not just in the hearts of animal lovers that our beloved four-legged friends leave their mark, but in their homes too. The THOMAS AQUA+ Pet & Family is a powerful helper that is designed specifically to meet the needs of pet owners, and not just thanks to its special animal hair floor nozzle: The best-selling vacuum cleaner for animal lovers is also equipped with proven AQUA technology, which binds animal hair, dirt and even small quantities of liquid, including unpleasant odour particles, in water and prevents it from escaping into the ambient air – for 100% fresher air. The THOMAS AQUA+ Pet & Family also impresses with its practical spray/wipe/suction function, which removes even the most stubborn of marks left behind by furry companions on upholstery, carpets and hard floors using a Sprühex nozzle – available for floors or upholstery – in a single process.

THOMAS CYCLOON HYBRID – with easyBox and AQUA technology
Time for twice the cleanliness: No grain of dust is safe anymore thanks to the CYCLOON HYBRID Pet & Friends vacuum cleaner for animal lovers and the parquet professional CYCLOON HYBRID LED Parquet. The bagless hybrid cyclone vacuum cleaners feature the innovative easyBox and proven AQUA technology. The easyBox dual-chamber system separates coarse dirt from fine dust and allergenic particles during vacuuming, so fine dust is securely sealed away in the fine dust chamber and is not released back into the air. Anyone wanting to freshen up their air at the same time uses the AQUA FreshAir Box. The AQUA technology combines bagless vacuuming without any loss of suction power with a special water filter system that seals dust, allergens, dirt and even animal hair securely and odourlessly in a water tank. While the CYCLOON HYBRID Pet & Friends with its animal hair floor nozzle is popular with pet owners, the CYCLOON HYBRID LED Parquet with its special parquet nozzle and practical LED light makes a real difference in homes with parquet and laminate flooring.

THOMAS AQUA+ Allergy & Family – allergy sufferers can breathe easy again
THOMAS AQUA technology makes life a lot easier for allergy sufferers. The AQUA+ Allergy & Family bagless vacuum cleaner in striking pink is an expert helper for all those who suffer during longer pollen seasons in warmer winters or due to dust. This is because in the AQUA filter box, dust, mites and pollen are simply trapped in a litre of tap water. At the same time, the spray/wipe air washer moistens and freshens the ambient air. A real blessing for allergy sufferers, which is why the THOMAS AQUA+ Allergy & Family is also recommended by the German Skin and Allergy Help Association, Deutsche Haut- und Allergiehilfe e. V.

THOMAS QUICKSTICK BOOST and TURBO PLUS – versatile battery-powered vacuum cleaners
A spontaneous guest is about to arrive and there are still crumbs on the carpet from the last family TV evening? No problem thanks to the new, powerful battery-powered vacuum cleaners from THOMAS. The nimble, multifunctional, handheld appliances THOMAS QUICKSTICK BOOST and THOMAS QUICKSTICK TURBO PLUS are ready to go in no time and are ideal for quickly vacuuming on the go without tripping over any cables – be it the carpet, the sofa or the stairs. Thanks to the flexible 180° swivel joint of the electric turbo floor nozzle and the practical 2-in-1 combi nozzle for cleaning furniture and upholstery, every single corner of the home can be rid of dust and dirt in next to no time. And thanks to the LED light, not even that last little crumb hiding under the sofa will escape. The extra-long, flexible crevice nozzle on the QUICKSTICK TURBO PLUS can even reach high ceilings with ease – so cobwebs do not stand a chance.

Bionic Washstick – damp mopping made easy
For those wanting a refreshingly easy solution for cleaning their high-quality floors, THOMAS is also introducing the first electronic, battery-powered hard floor cleaner to the range – the Bionic Washstick. With its powerful bionic technology, the hard floor expert gives real wood parquet floors, laminate floors, tiles and similar surfaces a thorough clean while leaving very little moisture behind and, as well as the dirty water, also absorbs coarse dirt separately. The lightweight product weighs in at just 3.9 kg and boasts a long handle, making it extremely versatile. It also impresses with its long battery life of up to 80 minutes and a puristic, clean white design. Thanks to the practical self-cleaning system, the polymer cleaning roller cleans itself at the touch of a button, rendering the tiresome process of wringing out mops a thing of the past. The excellent cleaning results and the comfortable handling of the Bionic Washstick have recently also convinced the editors of the popular German test portal "Technik zu Hause" (technology at home). Whether for function, handling, features or quality: the stylish hard floor cleaner convinced in every aspect – test result "very good".

Information about the company and other THOMAS products is available on the website www.robert-thomas.net. The company’s press office can be contacted directly at press@robert-thomas.net.

THOMAS is a brand of the renowned German family enterprise Robert Thomas, Metall und Elektrowerke GmbH & Co., based in Neunkirchen in the Siegerland region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. In keeping with its determination to “Do our best for our customers,” Robert Thomas has been developing and manufacturing innovative „Made in Germany“ products for more than 100 years. The production of the first electric motor-driven metal washing machine in Europe at the end of the 1940s was considered a major milestone in the history of the company. Today allergy-friendly vacuum and carpet cleaners with and without spray extraction – specially designed to meet the needs of pet owners and allergy sufferers – demonstrate the pioneering spirit of the company, which is now owner-managed in the fourth generation. More than 300 employees work at the Neunkirchen location. There, devices of the highest quality, longevity and serviceability standard are manufactured. THOMAS products are available throughout Germany in large and small electric appliance specialty stores and on the Internet and are sold in more than 30 countries all over the world. Further information is available on the Internet at www.robert-thomas.net.